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Hello fine people!  So nice to have this resource (especially when the only local dealer is backlogged 3 months!)

I have a 2008 e-tec 225 with NA3401-06 shifter control.  Last weekend it started grinding when going into reverse (unless I pulled the lever back farther than normal, getting into the throttle then).  I've read several posts on this, but nothing makes much sense to me.  A tech at the marina we were visiting suggested adjusting the reverse rod thumbwheel to push the lever sooner/farther. It is adjusted all the way, and the problem remains:reverse adjust.jpg 

Curious if there are possible adjustments at the controller end that need to be made?  Can't seem to find *ANY* information on the NA3401-06 shifter control.  I assume it is a "Binnacle" brand unit?

Any suggestions appreciated, or point me to a manual that might step me through the adjustments.  Thanks in advance!


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Barnacle-Bill, phone number on top of this page can supply you with a service manual

Your problem is any or many reasons listed: Incorrect adjustments (You be lucky), worn control box and/or linkages, incorrectly adjusted, sticking or bent shift rod (Check bottom shocks for movements), worn clutch dog and/or reverse gear.


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If you have removed the lower unit (gearbox) before it all started, then probably you have a shift rod adjustment issue.  

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If the cause is none of the above, then check the LU gearcase oil for any water in it.  Water will make the dark>black oil turn creamy and light colored.  Affects shifting.

Put some E. Triple Guard corrosion proof grease on the shift cable adjustment threads, they corrode and threads will lock.

Also grease the cable slide ends that extend from the tubes, both ends.

Salt/debris buildup and corrosion can cause shift rod bind-up at the O ring seal.


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Thanks all!  I will order the service manual, and will check the lower unit oil for discoloration from water.  Still not sure if/how adjustments for the reverse cable might be done at the control handle end.  Would that be in the service manual?  I would think that the service manual would be for the motor, and something specific like a NA3401-06 might not be covered in that manual?  If so, does anyone have a recommendation for where to find that service/adjustment manual?

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I seriously doubt that there's any adjustment inside the control.  Possible?  Maybe.  If you look at most any cable, that control end is "solid" and fits over a post in there.  Your control box is all shafts, cams and levers inside, so something may be worn in there.

Might also be time for new cables if you're out of room to adjust.

Pretty easy check is to "unmount" the control and remove that lower panel and see what's going on in there.  Don't try shifting fully, but a bit of wiggling may show you something.


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