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hey folks.  new to etecs but not outboards.  looking for maintenance tips on a new to me motor.

e200dpxsoc 2005 etec 200.

thanks to this site and jimh i have just made a diagnostic cable and run a report on an engine which i purchased with a bad gearcase from a commercial dive inspection operator.  they were original owners sold it unrepaired as they reengined quickly to finish a job after deciding to switch to yamaha with the news of evinrude closing.  motor has been owner maintained and lived inside a heated warehouse on a trailer.  was reported as "running great" with no history of problems from new.

1396 hours on motor
no active codes
no overheat since a 100 second overheat 679 hours where it reached 214 degrees.
tps out of idle range 42 times since 1157 hours, most recently 12 hours ago.
no other stored codes jump out to me.

usage has been primarily fresh water and very heavily skewed to low rpm idle standing station over divers.  less than 10% of hours are over 3500rpm and 80% of hours under 1500 rpm.

currently looking for any maintenance or tune up suggestions before i fire it up and water test it.

i have a used magnum lower unit from a 2002 ficht that i am going to install.  
the bad lower unit issue was either a break or stripped splines at junction of upper and lower driveshaft (i cannot separate them).  the waterpump was intact.  the upper driveshaft to powerhead splines were fine.  as soon as parts arrive, i am fitting a new oem driveshaft to the ficht unit and replacing the bearing seals.

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