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Serial # 05169536

570 hours

Hello all, hope you are staying cool in this heat.
Have an issue that seems to have sprung up suddenly and is getting more frequent.  Engine starts fine, idles fine and idles in gear fine but when I advance the throttle the engine stops immediately.

I have tried advancing the throttle slowly and also quickly but happens either way.  After 4-6 attempts it will stop doing this. 

Also, in the throttle position between idle in gear and say 2500 RPMs the engine runs very rough - surging and hesitating terribly. This is when the engine is not stalling when I advance the throttle.  I am used to this phenomenon due to the stratified fuel delivery but it has gotten so bad it is becoming difficult to dock/maneuver.  In this situation I have to be careful giving enough throttle to maneuver and being careful the engine does not race and lurch the boat forward violently.

Engine runs great in all other throttle ranges although I believe the top end is slightly lower than I recall.  Used to be able to get to 5,500 -5,600 RPMs or so  and it looks like now I am reaching only about 5,300-5,400 RPM. Analog (System Check)Gauges.  Bottom is clean, no other changes I know of.

Could you tell me where I might start troubleshooting this issue?  I am ordering a VST filter (last replaced 4/7/2017).  The plugs have about 25 hours on them - indexed and new this season.  Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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An engine report and compression test would be a good start.

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As mentioned, do the basics like spark, compression and fuel pressure.  
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Thanks for the replies.  I found the hose from the exhaust port to the EMM was cracked/split open and brittle and loose at the exhaust port end. Also a clamp on the fuel line1 foot before entering the cowling had come off and was broken.  This is after the fuel water separator and before entering the cowling.  The splice connects the fuel line from the engine to the one from the fuel bulb. I replaced that last night with an Oetiker clamp.  I will replace the exhaust sensor hose as soon as I can pull it from the slip and get to it better.  I will say there was no stalling after I replaced the clamp.  Still plenty of hesitation from idle to 2500 or so RPMs but it did not stall at all last night.  Will have to test compression as well.  I will post an engine report as soon as I can get it from my other laptop.  Will perform compression test as well.
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