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Maribel, what codes do appear on the EvDiag history of that engine?, it may be just a matter of a good cleaning, regarding the injector swap, probably but I am no expert so I am not sure, in any case the coefficients can be find in the tag that comes with each injector, you can download a barcode scanner app on you phone that will read it.


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++ to Gotsea!  I wouldn't just swap them out if they "Ohm" OK (the Clicking suggests they're OK?).  A good cleaning may well do the trick - either yourself or a Pro like

Not sure on the swap that you suggest either - there was an "injector angle change" which would say "No", but not sure if your years and models would be affected for that swap.  That's why there are Experts on here.  [wink]

Good luck!


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What's the model # of the 115 off the transom plate.  Only way to confirm if correct part injector.  Installing the incorrect injector will damage head and the injector.

When you crank it, what plugs are wet with fuel?  Can you see fuel being sprayed in all 6 cylinders with all plugs removed and cranking?

Look for Joe's Barnacle Bill's excellent video on disassemble and cleaning for those DIYers willing to tackle.
Been posted on the forum on his FB page and you tube.

Once you have the spray cone nozzles removed, soak only the nozzle in strong injector cleaner overnight.  Can spray the injector cleaner into the inputs of the injector, leave only for short period, don't want to damage the electrical coil insulation.
No Seafoam, it's high % alcohol that may be contaminated with water, more corrosion, the last thing you need.

Get the service manual and pressure test each one for nozzle/body leaks after cleaning.

Need to clean the fuel rail tubes, VST and its hidden cone filter, the screen filter on the bottom of the high pressure fuel pump, the fuel line section feeding the on motor fuel filter,  also clean the on motor fuel filter housing.

Either water corrosion, will be a white crusty deposits, rubber fuel hose interior lining breakdown black particles or gray flakes, or gasoline breakdown gum deposits brown red flakes.  Must remove all the debris or plugging problem will come back

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The DIY Fuel Injector Cleaning Video that steelhead refers to


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