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Is this in a new boat with new oil tank installed?

How long is the oil line from tank to motor?
If longer than 15', change out to larger 3/8 I.D. fuel rated hose

Use ONLY Oetiker stainless steel clamps anywhere on the oil line, tank to oil pump.  The plastic wire ties are unreliable, loosen as they chemically break down from slight amounts of oil.

If problem repeats?
Check oil tank for absolutely NO water or debris in/on pickup.
Run clear oil line test section at motor for air bubbles in oil feed and vacuum gauge oil line test at motor for excessive vacuum from restricted tank flow.

Any air bubbles in oil feed lines on the motor?
Pictures please

Run a triple dose of E. Carbon Guard in a 3>6 gal portable tank to clean out all the oil carbon buildup in the combustion chambers and exhaust ports.  Check the air intake box for excessive oil buildup, drain out.


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Thanks so much for your thoughts on this. I appreciate the help on this forum.

Have an appointment with the dealer who sold, rigged and delivered boat in 2015 to investigate further. All equipment is original from that delivery.

Will pass along your thoughts and post back with a resolution.



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Thought I would post resolution after some run time since repair.

Dealer performed seemingly very thorough inspection/diagnostics as described in a service bulletin 2016-4(S)......basically what Steelhead suggested in previous post.

Ultimately replaced oil sensor.  So far so good after 25 at 350+.

Hopefully a permanent cure.  
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