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EMM 0586707
roughly 680 hrs

Engine has been running fine with no codes.  I was running about 3000 rpm when it just died like I had turn the key switch off.  Checked the obvious stuff like power to the EMM fuse, etcc.  

Will not do anything when key is turned on but give a stop lanyard light on the EMM.  I tried it on another motor and it does the same thing.  The EMM will not allow diagnostic software to read it.  Understanding that I am going to have to buy a new EMM my question is this,

Is there a way to retrieve the data from the EMM to install on the new one?  This is considering that the EMM won't power up to let anything read it? 

Any suggestions?


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Disconnect the J2 connector. (The longer one with red slide lock) If it's internal shorts this should make it possible to connect to EMM.

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Thanks I will try that today and let you know.


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Every time you connect to the engine and create an engine report it backs up the EMM in an edf file.  So you may already have the information your looking for stored on the computer.

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Well I tried disconnecting the J2 connector with no luck.  It's definitely fried. I'm going to take it to my local dealer so they can send it off to Evinrude.  Hopeful they can retrieve the info and upload it to a new EMM. 

Thanks again for the help.

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Need to find the external to EMM cause of failure or the expensive new one will be damaged also.

Plugged EMM cooling line, aerated cooling water, defective battery, defective intermittent battery cables, surge currents in boat electrical system damaging EMM, jumper starting, etc.

See if your dealer has Engine History report from prior service and post in .pdf file format.


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I'm pretty sure it was my battery that caused the problem.  My jackplate and powerpole have been slower than normal lately.  The engine always fired up at the turn of the key.  Changed the battery and all is well again.  

I have noticed on a few trips lately that my I-command gauge has been acting up like as if I was turning the power off and on to it.  I have a Garmin that I normally have the engine instruments page on (nmea 2k) that shows the tach, fuel, temp etc.. and it remained rock steady.  Sooo unless the I-Command gauge is feeding back thru the NMEA 2k bus I suspect the battery to be at fault.

Can the I-command gauge cause an EMM internal short?

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