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Trying to do my research before buying. What is the real difference between the 150 and 140? I know the obvious answer is - 10hp.... BUT at what cost? The 150 has the RAVE valve thing on the exhaust vs. the 140 which does not have it and it MAY be a maintenance issue in the future. I am looking at the cheapest possible model of each - 20 inch shaft, no power steering, probably black (unless someone can convince me there is a difference other than color - dealer mechanic says NO difference other than color), and side mount control with key switch.This is for a new install using my new hydraulic BayStar steering and will require all other new rigging. I think I should go for the upgrade Garmin GPS dash unit that is just coming out that will interface with the Evinrude system for ALL my gauge needs since I have no gauges at this time. Is there a 140 high output model? I understand the 150 is actually 149.5hp or so at the prop and that is the max - no +/- funny business. What is the 140 actually at the prop? Are the days of +/- 10% HP gone? If not - is there a way to ensure a closer to 10%HP + rating? Thanks in advance for all your useful input in this expensive decision. 

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There is no difference in the engine of any HP between the white and graphite. The engine block is the same but the RAVE and water injection gives the 150HP more. As for "but at what cost" all parts of the world are different but in my neck of the woods with the intro prices running on the I-3 G2 at the moment the difference is $1,100 between non DPS graphite 140HP and 150HP. Only you can decide if the price difference is worth it in your part of the world, I would do it if I was repowering.

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On a light hull with a max hp rating of 150 there would likely be very little difference between the 140 and 150 except for a couple of mph at full throttle.
On a heavier hull or one rated for a higher max hp the 150 may have better low to mid range performance.
I drove a 140 on a 20 ft allot hull and it had enough low end power to jump up on plane at half throttle.

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Originally Posted by bsedwebt
What is the 140 actually at the prop?

The engine power rating as shown on the engine model number, serial number, power, and weight label states the 140-HP engine produces 103-kW. That is 138-HP.

An illustration shows this clearly in an article about the 140-HP model at

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