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Hello everybody. I'm from Argentina.
A few days ago we went to fishing, but couldn't start the engine. Also the indicators doesn't had any signal, and the power trim control doesn't works including directly from the side of the engine, same as StandB said. After an hour of watch the cables to see somthing wrong, we take off the cover and found the "FUSE", so take off the thin black cover and found the fuse, it was burn. We replace it with one that have next to the burned and everything start to work. After half hour of navigation, the indicators went down, also the power trim doesn't work, but the engine still running, so we stopped, take the cover again and realize the fuse was burned again. We had not more replacement fuse, so we improvise a fix with a cable. (had no option in the middle of the Parana river). Then we could navigate a few hours for the rest of the day. 
From the begining of the day, after navigate around 3 minutes over 3200 RPM, the "engine hot" led start and the alarm sound. The RPM go down to idle and after 30 second the "hot" indicator went off. All the day we can not run over 3000 RPM without get the hot alarm. at 2800 RPM we could made the return trip to land.
Another issue is that the engine was smoking water vapor, with a little smell like gasoline.
I don't think that is normal, right?
Just want to know if somebody had any similar experience.
Probably i will take to the guarantee service because the engine have only 20 hours of use.

Thank you.

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Please start a new thread with your questions as your post is not part of the ongoing discussion. We call it hijacking a thread and it causes confusion.

Please read this also:****-RULE-1-amp-FAQs****-Before-asking-service-questions-2651439

Thank you

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Hello Guys, I have an Evinrude 115ETEC : E115DPXAAA, my motor was working good 3 days ago, and after that, It suddendly stops, then I tried to re start again and it worked. I was thinking that was a small issue.

Today, I was running also, and it happen again, It suddendly stops, and wont to restart again. 

I have checked filters, fuel line and others indicated on the user manual.

Can you give me some tips for this issue? 

Do you think that there is a problem with the fuel pump? Can I service it by myself?

Do you think if the EMM is the problem? How can I check it?

Thanks a lot for your reply.

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As SH said to the previous poster, not good to add to a 7 year old post. Start another post with serial number and history report added. In that video it tried to start the first time and then just cranked. I would be looking at fuel system first followed by spark. Compression sounded even when you were cranking it.
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