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Having trouble with one of my motors, 2007 etec 250, when I engage the key to start the motor the motor starts properly but the starter disengages the motor and continues to spin, no matter if I switch the ignition to off.  The only way it stops is by shutting the battery off to that motor.  It usually does it a couple times before it acts normal again.  I have already replaced the ignition to eliminate that as a cause.

What else should I be checking for?  

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Possible sticking starter solenoid contacts. When problem occurs, use a voltmeter to determine whether starter solenoid coil is being energized. This will aid in troubleshooting and minimize needless replacement of parts.

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There are two reasons the starter could remain energized in a key off position. 1. Starter solenoid is sticking internally. 2. Ground signal for solenoid is present. These solenoids are applied 12 volts at key on, a signal from key switch is sent to the EMM. The EMM then provides ground to the starter solenoid to initiate cranking.
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