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Serial no 05176714. Was going at about 4500 rpm when this engine dropped to 3000. Would not go faster. Brought it back to 0. Powered up to 4500 like its twin. Went a ways same thing. The other one did the same thing. Both were surging as well
I am not a mechanic and don't have testing equipment. Just would like possible things that could cause this .

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Fuel delivery system.
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So I switched out the water seperator. The fuel filters. And the spark plugs
Starts right up. No missing. Have not been out to test but looks like one or all was the problem

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++ to Oly.  Keep an eye on it, as "Fuel Delivery" problems won't usually show up on EV Diag, etc.  They'll cause all sorts of problems, including Melted Motor, while you weren't even looking!

If the problems continue later, stop and check that whole "Tank to Motor" fuel delivery - gas cap venting, pickup tube, hoses, and onward to the motor.


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