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Put on the muffs, started instantly died in less than 5 seconds..... re try ....burbled almost started, then cranked but no start..
Noticed fuel water sep plastic bowl fell off ...odd.
Clear bottom wouldn’t screw seat onto new filter so bought new Racor bowl which screwed fine into new filter after I refilled the filter with fresh fuel.

Primed the fuel back into outboard ... still cranked fine but won’t start.
Removed outboard fuel filter sign of water after dumping fuel into container.
Re pumped fuel till bulb firm - still won’t start.
Removed fuel tank fill suction so venting seems fine.

Fuel fill bulb seems to be filling properly till firm .
Spark plugs all connected
Battery properly charged .

What to check next ???
Model E 200DPXSOC
Serial 5096661

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Expert believes it’s likely air locked or such and correction is pending

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Could use a bit more info - How long sitting before trying it on the hose?  Bad fuel?  Still some air in the system - fuel rails empty, etc?

Try Rick's paper test - remove a spark plug, insert a thin, stiff strip of paper into the plug hole and crank it.  See if it's getting sprayed with fuel.


Always check the Easy Stuff First!
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Phil......yup, those are some questions
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