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Some write about rarely ever running above X rpm etc .....
I run whatever rpm conditions and my mood dictate except for extended WOT . Sometimes it’s steady 3,200 rpm.....4,000....even .4,800 when it’s flat and I have many miles to cover.
So question is ......will motor really last longer or if properly maintained .....or won’t matter.

Exception I’d say is avoiding sudden throttle up and sudden down which seems likely hard long term on the fly wheel magnets etc...

My 05’ 200 HO still runs sweet.....I fresh water run after salt use and take care of but I don’t baby the rpm

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I'm sure the experts will have more informed opinion than mine but my opinion is this: outboards are designed to run at 90 percent of their max rpm for extended periods. It does them good to be run at various speeds. Sudden acceleration is no drama for them. Also ,more often used, the better...they don't like being sat in the shed...corrosion and gumming up.
My current 2006 ETEC has over 1000 hrs of barefoot skiing use and I've only had it for 100 hrs so far but I'm not going to be babying it.

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In my opinion, 4400 - 4800 is a good cruise range. Need to get engines over 5500 for some time to reduce carbon buildup.

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Didn't think the Etec's get carbon build up.........seeing as I troll long stretches and motor always runs the same - before, during, after.

This true ? Carbon build up on the old  looper carb motor was an issue.
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