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According to the BRP website there will be 3.5 to 15 hp in 2012 from Tohatsu.


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They are Evinrude branded engines from Tohatsu.


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Hot topic on Dealerport, mostly negative. No reply from BRP yet.

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Rebranded tohatsu's. Don't particually like the sound of that.
Good thing iam not in the market for a small motor.

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  Come on BRP build us those little 9.9 and 15 hp e-tecs we know you have developed. As a kid I owned a 1964 2cyl 3hp Evinrude and later a 1986 2cyl
15 hp rude and they were both smooth as glass as far as their running qualities. Add the
e-tec system to those little 2 bangers and they would be little jewels. What would make
little re badged 4 stroke Tohatsu's any different than a Merc or Nissan of the same H.P.? Sadly small engine developement costs must be a real issue here.


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Agreed - I'd love to buy a 4 hp e-tec for my canoe...  I hate the 4 strokes that leak engine oil all over the trunk of my car when they tip over and put the breather down...  A nice sealed oil tank and a integral fuel tank on a 3 - 4 hp platform sounds like a great bush motor to me!  I'm in... but not for a 4 stroke rebranded Tohatsu.

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Well that kinda stinks.  I was really hoping to see a 9.9 and 15 ETEC for 2012.  Instead an outsourced 4 stroke.  Oh well, at least they have something to offer in the compact category now. If BRP and Tohatsu have entered an agreement, is that writing on the wall that we'll never see a smaller e-tec?


I'm still puzzled as to why they can't somehow stratify the small kickers w/o using injectors to keep them clean and lightweight. 

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The E-Tec injection system would not be feasible on an outboard that small. It would outweigh the 4 strokes and of course the traditional carbed 2 strokes.

Of course they could make traditional 2 strokes in this size class but then who would buy them. Most people want a 4 stroke or a DI 2 stroke.

These engines are a small market and BRP is just trying to get their hands in it. Personally I don't care if its a 4 stroke as there would be little no no benefit to having an E-Tec that small.


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Näää...sleeping with the enemy..!!..Big mistake in my opinion.

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Of course they could make traditional 2 strokes in this size class but then who would buy them.


I would.  I think a fair amount of diehard JohnRuder's out there would also. 


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 New conventional 2stroke carburated outboards can no longer be sold here in the U.S unless they are left over stock from before the 2010 model year, and many other countries have or will soon have the same regulations. I do know that they built a
9.9/15 hp E-TEC was told by a guy at BRP., sure wish they could get the emissions
and production costs under control, I was told that below that size E-Tec was not feasible. Lets hope Evinrude is pretty demanding of Tohatsu on what they supply!.


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I knew this would hit the board sooner then later.

I have had a few days to think about this and have vented on the BRP dealer web site when we first found out.

First I am not in a small hp area so to us having smaller then a 25 is no big deal. Now while I was growing up and our dealership was in PA there was a big demand for 9.9 and under as all the lakes were restricted to that hp. Today in South Jersey its all 40hp and up as we are in the salt water market.

However I am not happy at all with the Evinrude name being used on these outboards. It should have been Johnson. With the Johnson name I would have no problem with it. I have no idea how they are gonna market these engines under the Evinrude name as the push has been 2>4.

Im sure BRP has something under there sleeves but I do not think we will ever see a smaller E-TEC since this has come about.

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I think for BRP to create smaller motors is an oxymoron to thier technology. By the development of a EMM based motor, with injectors. you simple run out of room. I had a Johnson 1 1/2 hp motor for years. Smallest of the small.  I'm sure LN could post a brochure of it.  It had barely a two quart gas tank, swiveled 360 degrees to accomodate no reverse and you could carry it easier than a 5 gallon fuel tank. Thanks to the EPA,...these days are gone. For BRP to go into the small motor market, which I think is much larger than they are aware, will take a huge investment to pull off. During better global economic condtions, they may make the move. Currently, good decision not to. Just my 2 cents. I do agree with Evinrude (Joe).

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I agree with Evinrude.  They should have used the Johnson brand and left Evinrude only for the E-Tec.


We are in a heavy small engine market and do not feel combining different technologies under the Evinrude brand is a good idea.


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I was always taught: " You either do it properly or dont bother doing it at all!"

I am with you guys, the Evinrude brand should do the E-tec exclusively and these small 4s motors should be under the Johnson or some other brand.

The 2s versus 4s marketing of E-tec is an interesting point......I agree, dont see how that will benefit BRP.

Taking what Steve has added into account and of course not knowing all the facts I would rather have waited for the right time with the right technology and just stayed right out of that area for now.

But then again one has to listen to your customers and the market....the market has been asking for these small motors for a while now...whether this is the correct way to address this demand only time will tell....


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