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For my model-year 2010 E-TEC 225-HP engine, I recently collected data on the cooling system water pressure as a function of engine speed. The cooling system water pressure was measured by an electronic sensor and displayed on an I-Command gauge. The table below shows the observed cooling system water pressure in PSI, the engine temperature in degrees-Fahrenheit, and the recommended range of cooling system water pressure in PSI (taken from BRP literature):

Observed Cooling System Water Pressure
E-TEC 225

750     3.8 - 4.4   180         3 - 5
1300    9.2 - 9.5   191         8 - 9
1300    9.0         195         8 - 9
1350    9.7         163         8 - 9
1400    9.6 - 9.8   189         8 - 9
3700    14.0        127         12 - 14
4200    13.7 - 15.4 129         13 - 15

The data show the engine cooling system was operating in the normal range, with a trend toward the high end of the recommended range.

Below is the recommended water pressure range for the 2010 E-TEC 225-HP:

Water Pressure Chart E-TEC 225 2010

Idle  3-5
1000  7-9
1500  8-10
2000  9-11
2500 10-12
3000 11-13
3500 12-14
4000 13-15
4500 14-16
5000 15-17
5500 16-18

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Hi Jim,
I just found this article and I have 2007 225 Etec that seems to be running hot. Cruising at 4500-5000 without a big load it runs about 160-170 degrees. With a load, it will go over 170, reaching 180 once. Water coming out of the pisser is cool, and once when the pisser became clogged, it ran cooler! I tried removing the pisser plug/angle thing and it overheated. My 2006 150 doesn't have one and it runs fine. Ideas? Thx.

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Please look at the dates if you decide to add to a discussion thread.  Posts that are over 3 months old are considered dormant and should not be added to. Start a new thread, please.

Treat these dormant threads as you would library books --  Use them for reference but please do not write in them.

 please include the complete model number of your motor so we know exactly what engine is being discussed.


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Please read the policy concerning old threads in the previous post and start a new thread for your discussion.

Thank you.

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