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Need to replace the fuel pump on my 200 etec Model # e200dpxsuf.

It appears to be an easy repair.  Is there any thing that would prevent me from doing this at home?  Does the enging need to be hooked back to the computer after the new pump is on?

Is there any tips of things to watch out for?



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Hi, do you mean the lift pump or high pressure pump? Hard to say if you could do this at home because we do not know your skill level, but no there will be no need to put on a laptop once done.



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I can give you a tip to long pump life ... don't ever run your fuel tank dry (my tech says it's very bad for the pumps).

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Which fuel pump?

Be sure you get the correct Oetiker clamps for the  lift pump or the 320107 ty-straps for the electric pump. Always follow the service manual procedures.

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