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My I Command 3.5" gauge is running software 1.3, I have been told by the dealer and BRP that the gauge would have to be sent to BRP to be upgraded. I do have a Lowrance head unit on the network with a SD slot. 

Is it possible to do this without removing and shipping the gauge?

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PM me you email address.

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Hello, I too have this problem, where you can find the update?

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The firmware update for Evinrude I-Command instruments is available to authorized dealers. The firmware for an I-Command gauge can be updated easily while the gauge is still in place on a customer's boat. The method is to connect a Lowrance chart plotter device to the NMEA-2000 network. The firmware update is loaded onto a memory card, placed in the Lowrance chart plotter, and selected in a firmware update process.  If your boat already has a Lowrance chart plotter on the NMEA-2000 network, you can typically use that chart plotter and just load the firmware on memory card from it.

I suspect that the willingness of dealers to provide the firmware to their customers, or for dealers to install the update for their customers at no charge will vary with the dealer, the customer, and the relationship between the two.

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Tony, just a tip: When you do the update, unhook all gauges except for one: I did not, and all updates failed the first 4-5 times. A bit scary with nothing starting up, it took several attempts to get the updates succeed after I removed the three other units from the bus, and only had one connected at the time.


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Thank you for the tip torew!

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The advice to perform the firmware update on one I-Command instrument at a time is a very good point. 
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