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I hate to say it but I might drop the 90 overboard. Once again the E-Tec let me down at pivotal timing. There I was all ready to tow a pen of 5000 Chinook Salmon finger lings out of the harbor. All the people who helped rase the 700.000 little fellas watching waiting There they were all the people at Bobby Cs restaurant watching wondering what all the crowd was waiting for. There I was drifting down the river trying to start an E-Tec that just wont start. This is after i missed a 9 week tournament as the E-Tec 90 quit the day before it started and the Evinrude Tech that had my boat for 11 weeks finally put a new computer in it when i was showing disappointment why because it would not start. When it works there is nothing like it on the water hence all the E-Tec chirping that i am guilty of over the vhf to those Merc boys. but the idea that My boat was chosen for the release of our fish was because it was an E-Tec and would not wash toxins into the netting of the holding pens while we towed out to the release area. Wow am i going to hear this for a while. So I know this is not a bit.. site but I am pissed off. sounds like a fuel prob as it wants to start but wont. So there I was in my new jeans soaked in scum water hand winching the boat on the trailer. I'm not sure what I will tell the guys Monday as we have rented a cottage for the Walleye opener today and it looks like I'm not going to show with my E-Tec.

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hey drifter sorry to hear your problems, I know it is frustrating. do you have a fuel/water filter on your fuel line(s) before the motor?
I wonder if it is trying to burn water?
other than that how long since the new emm (computer) how many hrs of use

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If you are comfortable taking a look under your motor cover, pull the cover off and look on the engine for a BIG blue round thing. It's a capacitor and it is used to condition and store voltage needed to run your engine. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE your ignition switch is off and remove the capacitor from its holder on the powerhead. Slide the big black rubber boot back so you can see the terminals where the 2 wires attach. Check these terminals to be sure they are tight. If you're not comfortable doing this, you should take it to an Evinrude Dealer and ask them to check this for you. In lieu of taking the capacitor off you can start the engine and just reach down and pull slightly on the wires. If one of them is hot, then there is a loose connection under the boot. The only problem is that is kinda like a pregnancy test, it's only accurate 90% of the time. Pulling the boot back is still the best way to check these connections.

If that is all good, don't overlook the boat's fuel system. The problem you describe is very indicative of a fuel system that is getting air in it from somewhere. Hope this helps in some way.

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