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A month or two ago I seem to remember there was a discussion of a person who did injector cleaning, testing,  and rehab?  I've searched but I can't find the post.  I thought it might be a good idea to send off my injectors after this fishing season.
Thank you, Mark

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If you go to the bottom of the main forum page there is a listing for fuel injector service. 
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Dave '83 Boston Whaler Outrage 22
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kind Regards Ferdi
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From Injector Man's site
Q - How does Ethanol effect my fuel injectors ? 

A -
Ethanol is called " The Marine Killer"
have an open fuel system ( it breathes ).
The Ethanol will absorb water from the air.
The water can cause rust in the injectors.
The Ethanol also scrubs your fuel tanks and lines
causing filters to plug up.
If your filters are not in good shape it could plug the filters in the
injectors also. If the Ethanol sits for 3/4 months it will separate
and absorb
even more water.
The best advice is not to use Ethanol.

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Also found his comments on Seafoam and other additives very interesting in this thread:

Dave '83 Boston Whaler Outrage 22
'07 Etec 200 HO (E200DHXSUC)
17" MiragePlus prop

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I would like to comment on the Ethanol issue again.

We have not updated our website and need to. We do tell everyone that calls this.

I use Ethanol in my E-tec, Jet skies(BRP), truck everything now with no problems.

What we have found to be the biggest killer is additives (all additives).....

If you let your boat sit for 6 months sure Ethanol becomes a problem.

Think about it.. We run Ethanol in our cars etc. with no problems.
We dont let them sit and most people dont use additives in there cars.

I think the key to worry free outboards is.
1) run your boat ! Do not let them sit.................
2) dont use additives....
3) run and change fuel water separators between your tank and engine.

Just my opinion.... 

Bring Em Back From The Dead .... Fuel Injector Man
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