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I have notice there are two types of these cables from pictures on the internet.  Both have the same part number.  One has a red 2 translucent engine connectors, a red plug to the backbone and a rectangular section in the cable.  The other has one black engine connector, black plug and no rectangular section.

My engine is a 2009 130 and I have the Lowrance LMF 400 head.

Is there a difference in these two?

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They are probablly the same, earlier versions had a Red connector and more recent versions have a Black connector. This is commonly refered to as Lowrance Red/Black....

Part Number 000-0120-62
Evinrude engine/outboard motor interface cable 15 ft and T-connector

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Device Adapters- Device adapters have the same

gender connectors on each end (male to male or

female to female).

Use adapter P/N 764187 to connect a device with

a red male connector to an existing blue network


Use adapter P/N 764184 to connect a device with

a blue female connector to an existing red female

network connector.

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Thanks for the input, but the two styles look different, in that the red connector has two engine plugs where the black as only one.
The picture below shows the two engine connectors, one in the foreground and another at the top of the coil.  It also has a black box in the wire.   I saw a picture of water pressure sensor connector near the NMEA connector on the engine.  Curious if this is where the second connector on the 120-62 goes to monitor water pressure.

lowrance 120 62


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I would not base my information about Lowrance parts and their part numbers from information shown on a non-affiliated website. The website you cite is not a Lowrance website. If you want information about Lowrance accessories look at

Manufacturers do not produce two distinctly different parts or components and give them the same part number. I suspect your confusion results from being mislead by some non-Lowrance website.

An engine interface cable which connects an Evinrude E-TEC engine to a NMEA-2000 network using the DeviceNET or LowranceNET RED connectors is shown in

Make your own EV-Diagnostics cable
or buy a cable from me. Cables are
now back in stock.


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The image that shows the EP-20 Engine Interface is just flat the wrong image.  That is the interface cable for a Suzuki engine.

And while you can get the E-Tec NMEA 2000 interface cable from Lowrance, there is also a BRP/Evinrude part number (most likely the exact same part).  Look for a 0764164 (probably superceded by 0766026).

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Thanks fellas for the input.  I am a little confused, but I am use to that.  At least, I know what to order.
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