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I do have a couple of oil pressure transducers that I could send out if that will help your troubleshooting. The tools are simple and a close look will show you how to release the pins.
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OK update on this finally.  I wasn't able to work on the boat the last few days due to hurricane Issac.  We didn't really get any of the storm but it was raining and nasty.

I figured out how to get the 3 oil pressure sensor wires out of the 5 wire harness.  I used a small piece of stainless MIG wire folded on top of itself to poke down into the holes on the orange anti backout thing and then used a tiny flat head screwdriver to depress the tab to release the wires.

I swapped the port and starboard motor pressure sensors.  On the EV Diagnostics before the swap the PORT motor showed oil pressure of .08psi and the STARBOARD motor was .06psi.  The Starboard motor was the one storing code 72s.

After the pressure sensor swap the PORT motor showed .06psi and the STARBOARD showed .08psi so the behavior did move with the sensor.  I didn't run it long enough to store a code 72 but it will next time I have the boat out.  It appears that both motors oil pumps are fine but one of my sensors is not reading the pressure correctly.

I can't find just the sensor for sale as a normal part so I have to start tracking one down outside of the classic dealer network.  There is a company name, phone number, and model number on a sticker on the sensor so that may be a good place for me to start.  

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I found the newer 2007+ oil pressure sensor that seahorse mentioned online.  Part number is 0586860.  Now the question is does this part fit on a 2005 model or do I have to track down a different one?

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Hi, yes 0586860 is the right one for your engine too, it is just that sometimes an earlier production engine will not list a part like this sensor whereas a latter model just might because it is now available as a spare part. Another classic example is the VST return filter-P/N 0354190, on earlier engines it is not listed like latter models and this filter should be replaced at least every three years.



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Huey, thanks for the reply.  I couldn't find a pic of one online.  I did find an ebay seller that had part 0586860 and they had a pic and it looked the exact same in the pic but just because it looks the same on an ebay picture doesn't mean that it is the same.

I am hopeful that replacing the sensor stops the code.  Does anyone else know their oil pressure sensor readings?  The book lists the voltages for the sensor but not the corresponding pressure.  The EV Diagnostics lists the pressure not the voltage.  I suppose I could check the voltage if I wired a voltmeter into the sensor wiring.

.06-.08 psi doesn't seem like much pressure.  I suppose that is why thy have a specialty sensor to measure it.  I just wonder what the tolerances are for the sensor.

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Update on this.  I ordered and recieved a new sensor.  I plugged it into the oil pump and wired it up.  The readout with the new sensor on the EV Diagnostics was .07 PSI.  On the same engine with my other "good" sensor it showed .08 PSI and the same engine with my "bad" sensor showed .06 PSI.

So same engine, same pump, 3 different sensors and they all show different readings.   They can't all be right but they can all be wrong.  I haven't gotten any code 72s so I guess .07 PSI is within spec but .06 PSI is not.  Pretty lame that there is a 25% difference in readings between the 3 sensors.  Makes me wonder if the sensors are not specified to read down to a fine enough level for the application or if quality control is suspect.
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